Urban Global Millennial


Han Meimei's story is the result from my Urban Global Millennial research project. It uses storytelling as a vehicle to integrate a hero’s journey with millennials' ethical journey from around the globe, focusing on millennials' constant tug of war between their personal indulgence and consciousness.


Meimei's life might have been miserable in the past, but we can change it by looking into where things are going:

Han Meimei's story taps on traditional Chinese values like cherishing food and respecting hard labor, giving them an updated relevance in today's society. By looking abroad, designers in the US can learn something new and be inspired to create ideas that might not be familiar to many Americans. In the short story, Meimei will share with you her problem with the fast-paced food culture and food waste. She hopes to remind all of us, regardless of culture, that we should always respect food and be conscious of what we consume and waste.

I collaborated with Xuanyi (Tigger) Hu on the book illustration. I created the story, illustrated all characters, designed book content for publishing and took all documentation pictures in this project.

This project is also available on my Behance.