According to the United Nations 2014 World Urbanization Prospects report, the global population became predominantly urban in 2007. Looking forward, both the world’s population and number of city dwellers globally are expected to soar.

In the United States, as in many other places, this increase in urbanization can actually be seen as Re-Urbanization: a renewed interest in working and living in dense city centers, many of which have been all but abandoned by affluent populations for several generations. One dominant Urban Future imaginary is that of the “smart city”—an urban environment fully integrated with information technologies. This project aims to examine the huge impact of our obsessions and interactions with screen based interfaces and speculate possible, plausible and probable futures resulted from such obsessions.

The project is still in progress and below are some good stuff so far:


“Too much of anything becomes toxic,
and today you can find screens shining
some kind of a distraction at you
on every single step you take.

- Blaz K.


“I pretty much call my phone my lifeline.
I use it all day, every day. If I ever leave
home without it, I feel naked.”

— Mary Kathryn L., 47



So...where do we go from here? Watch out for my update.