2016 Sketchbook Flip Through

I love making time to draw and paint to keep my drawing muscles flexing. To me, drawing is also a way of seeing the world, a way of thinking, and a way of meditation. This Moleskine sketchbook was filled between June and December in 2016, and I think I've had the most fun with this sketchbook so far! Since I came back to DAAP for my Master of Design degree, I haven't had as much time to draw as I wanted to, but I'm glad I can have as much fun with it as I want to during the holidays.

Here's a little fun flip-through of the sketchbook and a reminder for everyone to keep doing what you love to do, be consistent and have fun because what you do will naturally inspire others around you. My sketches and explorations showed here are not perfect, but they are all part of the process and the only way for me to get better. I enjoyed playing with different mediums (colored pencils, watercolors, brush pens and fine-liners) and just experimenting. Even better, I got to inspire others to draw more in real life and online with my drawing posts. I also feel excited about the fact that people have started commissioning me to design their business, anniversary, and even tattoo. That's an honor!

Going forward, I want to try to draw more from life, explore color combinations, and share more of my processes. I'm excited to see what I create in 2017. You can follow along for more at @shaychxie on Instagram!

Snippets of some of my sketchbook pages:

The Roads Are Calling

After working in California for a year at Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices companies and being one of the design leads for new product developments, I have decided to go to grad school to learn more about User Experience and User Interface design! That said, it would mean that I needed to move cross country once again. So over the summer, my friend and I took a 9-day road trip across America from Southern California to Cincinnati.

Road trips are awesome! They open your eyes to different cultures, climates, landforms and more – even when all of the places are in the same country. It was so humbling and inspiring for me take in all the sights and cultures along the way. All that eye-opening experience inspired a series of artworks that I found personally intriguing during my trip.